Lisianthus - Flower Type EbloomsDirect

Lisianthus - Flower Type EbloomsDirect

When the Lisianthus blooms to its fullest it is often mistaken for a rose, but the Lisianthus is a much heartier flower. Its ruffled bell-shaped bloom is commonly seen in white, purple and pink.  They are naturally rustic but very romantic. 
The lisianthus is a garden flower with a progressive bloom that with proper care will last up to 10 days! PLEASE BE AWARE - when you are ordering these flowers please take note that the flowers will arrive in closed bud form.


  • 10 Stems Lisianthus EXTRA
  • 1 open bloom and 3 closed blooms upon arrival
  • Stem Lenght 70cm (approx. 27.5 inches)
  • Free Shipping

 Colors Available:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Bi-color Pink
  • Bi-color Purple
  • Assorted colors- Grower’s choice of colors


We STRONGLY SUGGEST that if you are ordering these flowers for an event in which you desire the blooms to be open, you place your order with a DELIVERY DATE OF LEAST 4 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT.  This will allow the blooms to be at their optimum for the day of the event.