My name is Maria Fernanda and I’m the owner and sales representative of Eblooms Farm Direct. 

This is a business in United States of América, specializing in farm direct FRESH CUT FLOWERS online direct from the farms in South America to the final consumer.   In just three days they arrive at your door steps and best of all the shipping cost is included and we guarantee the freshness and quality at the best price found in the online and local markets.   Our business is a proud sponsor to three children adoption homes one found in Miami, Florida, the other two in Bogota, Colombia.  Two % of our profit is donated yearly to the children.   

 With this introduction… We create a particular campaign directed to small and medium influencers in USA in areas that could be complementary to my business like weddings planners, in order that you can earn money and I increase my sales and increase our donation to our causes.

My proposal is share with 5% of net sales that come from your website, blog or social media.

How it works:

  1. You can add a banner with Buy Button in your website or Blog, this will direct the sales to our website, and we can track that sales and you will commission 5%.
  2. If you are Social Media influencer we give you a Identifier Code, that you have to direct your followers to buy Flowers in our Website and in the checkout they have to place your Code, With this we can track your Net Sales and pay for them 5% of commission.

How We Pay you:

  1. Once to the month we send you a report of the Net sales by Identifier Code or Website track Code, where you can See the total amount of the Sales received from you and we calculate your 5% of commission.
  2. This commission will be paid in your bank account in the USA.
  3. If you need a wire transfer to other Country we will discount the bank cost of the transaction $45.00

If you are interested, please contact me.

Happy to Help!!

Ma.Fernanda Valencia