About the Founder

From the heart of the founder -

To help a child in need opens a birth of feelings unparallel to anything you can imagine.     

Adoption is an action of love and hope for children and families alike.

Alina Alvarez Alzugaray


At the early age of 17 I was diagnosed with endometriosis and the presence of two very large tumors. The treatment and solution thirty eight years ago, was to conduct a total hysterectomy, a decision which fell heavily upon the shoulders of a loving Mother and Father. Faced with the cruel knowledge that I would neither conceive nor have children of my own, my world crumbled in front of me. Being engaged to be married, I emotionally struggled to heal an unbearable pain lurking in my heart while at the same time trying to piece my life together knowing I needed to move on. Searching for a healing solution, find inner peace and a purpose in life, I fell wholeheartedly into the hands of God. Full of hope, the love of my family and a new found strength I urged myself to move on.

I mistakenly stumbled into the fresh cut flower industry an industry that found a place in my heart, gave color to my world and a new focus in life.    I picked up the pieces of my life and displayed to those that knew me, that I was focused, centered and successful.  Yet deep in the most inner part of my heart I longed for children of my own. The longing and determination would only intensify in the years to come. 

With the loving help of the Colombian family I worked with, I was given the hope of adopting.   “Casa de la Madre y el Nino” the place where HOPE transformed into reality and where my son Alexander was born; a healthy baby boy, whose bright, eyes and big smile filled my heart with an utter feeling of love and happiness. 

With Alexander cradled in my arms, riding in a taxi, on my way to the hotel I stopped at a bakery and purchased a loaf of bread.  On that same corner while waiting for a red light, a child no more than ten years old came to my window to sell me gum.   I looked at the child’s face and then looked at my son and back to the child.  Only to see that his eyes were fixed on the loaf of bread placed next to me.  His hunger unsurpassed his need to sell the packages of gum.  As tears fell down my cheeks, I extended the loaf of bread to the hungry child in front of me and I felt God's presence fill me. That very day marked my life.

The years that followed were special.  Alexander filled my days with the mischievous doings of a toddler growing up and the joy and laughter filled our home.  Our family was blessed with him in our lives; first son, first boy and first grandson. 

My career in the flower business kept growing and expanding and like all businesses, changes were imminent.  Three years had passed and a new urge to adopt entered our hearts.     I knew I wanted to adopt from Colombia, but was unsure where to start. 

I then read the story of an exceptional woman Mercedes Rosario Pineda de Martinez, the founder of “FANA” an adoption house located in the city of Bogota, Colombia.   I quickly contacted the adoption agency, worked diligently on the documentation needed and processed our adoption application with them.  Six months into the process we received a call, our little girl was born.    Once again our FAITH was tested.  Twenty four hours after her birth Kristen contracted septicemia coupled with an allergic reaction to milk and was not eating. I was told she would not survive the infection and it had been decided that I would be given another child.   I remember to this day telling Mercedes, “I do not want another child, I will do anything and everything needed to help you cure her”.   Mercedes immediately said “bring I.V. needles for babies and soy milk; I must warn you, she does not look like she is going to survive”.  I counted my blessings; I was fortunate to live in a great nation that allowed us to have everything we needed. 

I arrived in Colombia with everything I was asked for and went straight to FANA.    When I first laid eyes on Kristen she was in an incubator, her little body showed no signs of life.  I put my hand into the incubator’s window and caressed her tiny little hands with two of my fingers.   I held one of her hands, lovingly and prayed, “Jesus let life from me, enter my baby” as I whispered the words, I felt a current run down my arm.  She lifted her head, smiled and a ray of light shined across her little face.  I felt an instant bond.  She opened her big, black, beautiful eyes, looked at me and fell right back to sleep.   

Two lives filled my life, a promise was born.  Someday, somehow I would make a difference to the lives of the less fortunate children of the world.   Today e-Blooms is the body, whose soul yearns to give to such causes.  Its heart will search those partners that follow the same calling; its backbone, thirty eight years of knowledge in the floral industry that will fertilize this movement's growth. Those who purchase these selected blooms roses, bridal bouquets or wedding centerpieces, from around the world, will contribute towards giving a child the HOPE of a better tomorrow.