Conceived by a loving mother, passionate leader and unstoppable advocate of children’s rights, F.A.N.A. (Fundacion Para La Adopcion de la Niñez Abandonada), Mercedes Rosario Pineda de Martinez’ legacy, was birthed.   With the “Tree of Life” as its symbol, love as its heartbeat, and the children for its very soul, this institution breathes hope for all thrive under its loving embrace.  

Born through a compassionate dream, made reality through determination, and exercised for the honor of God, her kindred purpose of making the difference in a child’s life, forged Mercedes' path. She planted her seeds of love, and rooted God's presence in every child's heart she touched. These children have received the gift of family. Countless families worldwide are touched by her compassion, each have been blessed with overwhelming happiness. Each child adopted, a new root solidified. God’s unconditional love, blesses these families and paves the roads for F.A.N.A.'s future.

This journey began for a couple with a deep desire of having children and family. In their quest, they found a greater calling. Through this voyage, many children entered their lives and found a haven with them driven by respect, compassion and love. Facilitating the gift of family to a child and often helping a couple become family has been F.A.N.A.'s mission.

Founded over 40 years ago, F.A.N.A. has touched the lives of over 14,000 children who needed love, caring and protection. Through the years ten thousand children have become members of a loving family through adoption. An extraordinary seven thousand families have also received assistance through the diverse programs available in this institution.

This cause touches our lives and the lives of my own children. Therefore, today with great pride, e-Blooms Direct will donate towards keeping alive the dream of Mercedes by donating a portion of the profits of each and every purchase.


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