La Casa de la Madre y el Niño, is a foundation that is now celebrating seventy years of love, protection and dedication to abandoned children and expectant mothers. Established in November of 1942 by Maria Lopez Michelson de Escobar, this foundation has dedicated its' efforts to these children with the dream of a future. Thanks to the dedication and efforts of the foundation's loving staff, they have earned recognition worldwide.

This is a tale of respect for life, love of children and hope for a better tomorrow. These hopes are palpable as you enter each room and in the faces of each and every volunteer that greets you when you enter their "Casa".

A family to all that enter their doors, "Casa" caregivers greet everyone with kindness and open arms. Those who have been blessed to experience a return as a guest and a former child of CASA, are overwhelmed with emotion as the sense of belonging and love still palpates. One asks, "How can one place radiate so much emotion?" The answer is evident, God’s presence and the dedication of its current leader, Barbara Escobar, the founder's daughter. She has become the driving force that oversees her mother’s dream and this foundation.  

Tears of happiness flow for those who choose to partake in the life of one of these children’s lives. Maria’s dream and legacy still thrives today in the hearts of each child she was blessed to have been part of their life and all the families she has touched.

Those doors that have been the passage of hope for over 70 years to all that have had the fortune of reaching them, struggle financially more than most. They do not turn away any child in need that reaches their threshold.   They give shelter, boarding and education. They, however, give these children something much more valuable, they give them unconditional love and a sense of family that will stay for them throughout the remainder of their lives.

With dedication and love to a family that once gave us the greatest gift, “Our Son”, we devote our efforts and promise to unite in the efforts of keeping "Casa" and Maria’s dream alive for the countless children and families that call CASA a haven today and in the years to come.


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