Care and Handling –Dendrobium Lei

Please have someone available to receive and process the boxes on the delivery date. 

Fresh cut Orchids should be handled as little as possible. 

Upon receiving your package, open boxes immediately and place the lei in a cool place. Best storing temperature is 50°-60° Fahrenheit.

1.     Unpack carefully and immediately.

2.     Keep fresh leis away from heat sources and avoid temperatures below 45 F.

3.     Store them on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator. (A vegetable bin lined with newspaper works very well). Set your refrigerator on its warmest setting.

4.     Mist the lei with fresh water and put them back in the box (or keep wrapped in the plastic covered with newspaper).

5.     If you don’t have a separate cooler, store them on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator BUT KEEP THEM AWAY FROM FOOD PRODUCTS (ethylene          

        sensitive). Set refrigerator on its warmest setting.

6.     Never place your orchids where there might be a warm draft, such as, the top of a refrigerator or beside a heating vent. Fresh flowers last longer when

        they are at room temperature or lower.