Love In A Box

   Do you want to surprise someone?
   Send a message from your heart?
   The “Love In Box” is tailored made for just such an occasion.

   During the Elizabethan Era, flowers held a prominent place for love…
   all kinds of love.

A “language” ensued by which the flowers would deliver “Words Unspoken”. The roses were the main protagonists in these “Conversations”…

Today we are reviving this dormant tradition, although it has never truly left us. For example most people “know” that the fire in the red rose is a sign of passion and amorous emotions. White roses are synonymous with weddings and innocence. Truly…there is so much more!

You can send a single bouquet that speaks from your heart… OR… use our “Love in A Box” concierge service, where you will choose a three, six or twelve month package and just sit back an let us do the work!
With two enchanting options to choose from, each “Love In a Box” bouquet consists of either :
  • Twenty-five (25) awe-inspiring Premium Long Stemmed Roses with two-hundred fifty (250) coordinating petals or
  • A fifty (50) stemmed premium bouquet with a gorgeous hand-made vase.
Both options are presented in a unique gift box and protected within the “Peek-a-Bloom” sleeve (Pat. Pend.). All bouquets will arrive with a lovely tag illustrating the color and message.
SAY ANYTHING… From “I’m sorry” to “Will you marry me?”…
Make it your signature gift!