Care and Handling - Roses

Please have someone available to receive and process the boxes on the delivery date.

Upon arrival of your premium Roses, uncover the box. It is normal for your flowers to appear dehydrated and thirsty.  Their appearance will change once they have hydrated.  Follow our care and handling tips to insure full hydration and a long shelf life for your enjoyment. 

Each bunch/bouquet is wrapped and packaged within the patented Peek-A-Bloom sleeve (corrugated wrapper) utilized to protect them during shipping.   DO NOT REMOVE THIS PROTECTIVE PACKAGING until you have completed the following instructions. 

Processing your roses

  1. Thoroughly cleanse then fill a hydrating bucket half way with fresh clean water.  
  2. Without removing the corrugated wrapper, cut stems 1 to 2 inches in a 45-degree angle. 
  3. Place flowers in hydrating buckets and allow them to drink water for at least 4 hours - the longer the better!  It is essential NOT TO REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE PACKAGING while flowers are hydrating, it acts as a guide to keep your roses straight!.
  4. Keep your roses in a cool area always away from heating elements and direct sunlight.
  5. After the hydration period, remove wrapper and begin to arrange.   Some blooms may have damaged, blackened or marked petals.  These outer petals are called “Guard Petals” naturally found in rose blooms.  Eliminate these guard petals (3-4 outer petals) before placing them in your arrangement.  Keep your roses or arrangement from the direct exposure to the sun. 
  6. Arrange your roses in a vase with a minimum of 6 inches of water.  Remove the foliage that falls below the water line.  Mix the package of flower food with the water.
  7. Place the blooms in a cool room in a container or vase of your choice.
  8. To prolong the vase life of your roses, recut the stems ½ inch, clean the vase and replace its water every three days.


Flower Food Tip


You can also easily make your own flower food.  Follow the steps below and you will give your flowers added shelf life.  This homemade flower food mix can be used for all flowers.                 

  1. Pour clean fresh water in the container or vase of your choice.
  2. To prevent the water from developing bacteria, add 1-2 caps of household bleach to the water. 
  3. For its nourishment, add 2 tablespoons of table sugar to the water. .
  4. In addition, 1 Tablespoon of lemon or lime juice provides citric acid which also provides nourishment for your blooms.