Established in 2008, by a woman of great compassion and determination, Angie Lee, founded YCHS, five years ago. The goal for this foundation has been to cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship with at risk youth who live in poverty stricken areas in South Florida.  

By reaching out with love and compassion and giving them a sense of belonging, children, youth and elderly, have found support and guidance in the YCHS programs. Today, Angie’s bubbly demeanor and contagious enthusiasm, rallies the support of local celebrities, public officials, businesses leaders, faith-based teachers and countless others. They help sponsor YCHS in projects, sports programs, productions of pro-social arts programs and training events that focus on giving these children a sense of direction and worth.

When I initially met Angie, I was infinitely touched. Her words to me were, “I am the voice of the voiceless”... What a powerful message! Those words will forever ring deeply in my heart. "This foundation is for the children, who are the world of tomorrow." The experience stopped me right in my tracks and made me reflect.

Angie, a modern crusader and advocate of children, who bases herself in the midst of this community, has made the difference. Her tenacity and strength gives voice to the children of today, the future leaders of tomorrow.  

Help us give her the support and make a difference along side of Y.C.H.S. Reach out, help these kids be heard. The future lies with all children.


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